The UKUNAUTS of Stone


We are a Ukulele Group which meets in lovely canal side town of Stone in Staffordshire most Tuesday evenings.

One of the beauties of the Ukulele is that people can engage with it at many different levels. These vary from simply strumming along and enjoying singing together your favourite songs to pushing what you can achieve musically on the ukulele and all points in between.

New members and visiting players are very welcome.

Absolute Beginners


Although we try to be encompassing, and help each other out where we can, none of us are teachers. 

There are many great free resources on-line to get you started.  One we can heartily recommend is three free lessons by Will Grove White, a member of the world famous Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. 

Get your three free lessons here

Once you are confident with the contents of these lessons feel free to come along and join in one Tuesday evening.

By the way Will's book, “Get Plucky with the Ukulele: How To Play Ukulele in Easy-to-Follow Steps”, is a fantastic introduction to the ukulele. 

You can buy it from Amazon here.



I do play a little guitar


Hire the Ukunauts

The Ukunauts are available for performances throughout the Staffordshire area; and beyond!